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Cab / Taxi / Uber Safety Stickers

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 Square | Waterproof Stickers | Bespoke Branded Stickers | High Quality Affordable

Premium Safety Stickers for Cabs/Taxi/Uber

MIND YOUR HEAD X1 (50mm X 100mm)

CCTV IN OPERATION X3 (52mm X 105mm)

NO SMOKING / FOOD etc X3 (42mmx 143mm)

SEAT BELTS X3 (58mm X 148mm) 

Print & Cut in our professional printing workshop in Ilford. The stickers will come in packages.

💦 Our stickers are durable, weatherproof and waterproof! Stick them on any flat surface

These Stickers are perfect for use inside Taxis, Cabs, Ubers etc. They indicate clear safety rules which are easy to read for the driver and passengers.

-Easy Application

-Clear and easy to read

-Sticks on all surfaces

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